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Best Striper Fishing Kayak Setup

Striper Fishing Kayak Striped bass fishing or striper fishing as the locals call it, is one game that is catching up amongst people who are already hooked to kayak fishing. It has a streamlined, silvery body marked with longitudinal dark stripes running from the gills to the

Pros and Cons of Inflatable Kayak

You may be considering purchase of a new kayak. If that new kayak is an inflatable there are a lot of advantages where you will benefit. There are also some things to consider that are not real advantages. As with any kayak you purchase you will need

Tips for Kayak Fishing in Saltwater

There are a couple of different types of saltwater fishing that you may want to get involved in. More than likely if you are a saltwater fisherman you live on or around a coastal area or a huge lake. If you live around coastal areas you have

The Ultimate Fishing Kayak Setup

When kayak fishing was just catching on, there were no custom made fishing kayaks but people were happy to evolve their regular kayaks with simple, do-it-yourself tactics. Each person’s requirements when it comes to a kayak differ. Some want to take everything that they possibly can while

Motorized Kayak – Is it for you?

When you think of kayaking, the first picture that comes to most people’s mind is a thin, sleek boat with paddles that is incidentally very hard to balance. Now, add a fishing rod and some cold ones to that kayak and you got yourself a traditional fishing

A Look at Inflatable Kayaks with Foot Pedals

With today’s innovations in kayaking, it is really interesting to see what is available for you to step up your kayaking experience. Not only are kayaks portable and very easy to transport and move from one area to another, they are being built with propulsion devices such

Best Kayak Fishing Tournaments

If you think you have what it takes to turn your hobby into something other than just a hobby you should consider fishing tournaments. There are a ton of kayak fishing tournaments across the country that you can check out and see if this is something you

New Kayak Carrier Dolly Trailer Review

Product Specification Large tires for all terrains Quick assembly Fasteners made of stainless steel with chrome pin Frame made of solid metal Bumpers made of foam Product Review This new kayak carrier dolly trailer weighs 150 pounds and tie down strap measuring 12 feet long. The bumpers

Freshwater Kayak Fishing Tips

Freshwater fishing is different than saltwater fishing in several ways. The first difference is the areas you will be fishing. You will be navigating waters that are not as open in most cases as you would find in saltwater fishing. You will be fishing more inland areas

Tandem Kayak Fishing Tips

Tandem kayak fishing is growing in popularity for a number of reasons. You may want to take some of your youngsters along with you or you may just want to consider kayaking with one of your friends. Tandem kayaking is a little different because there are two