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Freshwater Kayak Fishing Tips

Freshwater fishing is different than saltwater fishing in several ways. The first difference is the areas you will be fishing. You will be navigating waters that are not as open in most cases as you would find in saltwater fishing. You will be fishing more inland areas

Tandem Kayak Fishing Tips

Tandem kayak fishing is growing in popularity for a number of reasons. You may want to take some of your youngsters along with you or you may just want to consider kayaking with one of your friends. Tandem kayaking is a little different because there are two

Your Kayak Fishing Checklist

It doesn’t matter what type of trip you are planning you have to be prepared and make sure you have what you need. If you are going on a hunting trip or if you are going on your next fishing adventure you should put together a checklist

Flat Bottom Kayaks vs. Rib Bottom Kayaks

Kayaking has become one of the premier outdoors activities of today. There are many reasons why kayaking is growing more each year. One of the reasons is that a kayak is much easier to transport and launch than a regular boat. They are light and compact and

How to Use a Spray Skirt with your Kayak

Before we can use a spray skirt we have to know what one is. It is a skirt that helps to keep water out of the cockpit when a kayak flips over in the water. It will also help to keep water and waves out of the

How to Properly Maintain your Kayak

It doesn’t matter if you or putting up your kayak for the winter or if you are taking it out and getting ready for the loads of fun that summer kayaking can bring your way there are some things that you need to inspect and a few

Easiest Way to Re-Enter a Sit in Kayak

As a kayaker there is one thing that we try our best not to do. That is tipping over. When we tip over we do what is called a wet exit. This isn’t too bad if you aren’t loaded down with fishing equipment. Regardless of our equipment

How to Use Rudders and Skegs?

Everything that we drive or navigate has to go in the right direction. When we drive a car we have a steering wheel that keeps us going where we are supposed to go. In Kayaking we have paddles that help us to head in a certain direction

Designing Your Kayak Decals

Your kayak is your own and you can design it to be your own. When you first purchased you kayak you begin to buy accessories and set it up to fit you and to address the needs you had. It isn’t any different when you want to

Best Ways to Transport a Kayak

There is one thing for certain when we decide to go out on our kayak either fishing are just for a stroll down the river we have to get them there first. Many ways exist for you to load up and head out to your favorite kayak